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We are pleased to share some of the testimonials, reviews and feedback Schneider Construction, LLC has received from customers and the community at large. First is a series of reviews from the Today’s Builder TV Show. What follows are high praise and rave reviews from homeowners.

Jim went above and beyond before the project was even approved, offering to attend my HOA’s architectural review board meeting with me to answer any questions they had. We needed multiple iterations of drawings, and they were always completed quickly and changed exactly how we specified. The timeline they provided was mostly stuck to (unless it was something that was not their fault), and overall the work was done in a more timely fashion than other contractors I’ve worked with. There was excellent communication along the way, and any time I raised a concern, it was addressed promptly and satisfactorily. The finished project looks amazing. I have gotten so many compliments, and it’s not just the appearance, but also the craftsmanship, that is truly impressive. I highly recommend Jim, Jeff (the foreman on our project), Jaime and Jenna (the designers), and the whole Schenider team! I will be using them for any future projects without hesitation.

- Amy L

We used Schneider Custom Builders to construct a new Lindahl Cedar home atop a large and difficult dune site on the Chesapeake Bay. Jim and the team did a great job working with the architect and site development group. No easy task considering the difficult building site and our desire to capture the best waterfront views. Jim’s team was always on schedule and most important on budget. Jim’s designer was simply fantastic! She always came up with great, creative ideas and found the best prices. Upon completion of the project the group has remained extremely responsive with respect to taking care of the expected wear and tear, both within and outside of our home warranty. We would most definitely recommend Jim and the team for any design/build project.

- Craig and Cindy R.

A close friend of our family recommended Jim Schneider to us. We had never gone through a renovation project and didn’t really know what to expect. We were relieved when Jim arrived, as he made it easy. From the beginning, we liked Jim because he listened to what we had to say. Jim took pictures of our space and made note of the room dimensions. We discussed our general ideas for the room and Jim took it from there. He sent us the initial plans and estimates and went over them with us together. He invited us over to his beautiful Design Center in Ghent to discuss the project details.

“We didn’t feel like we were being sold to. We felt like the three of us we were working together towards the same goal. He knew that we had a specific budget but didn’t want to compromise the aesthetic of our home. Jim came up with design and material solutions that were both stunning and cost effective. Jim was straightforward and very specific. We felt like we knew exactly what we were getting. We did receive an estimate from another company for our project and carefully compared the two. Although the competitor’s base price was a little lower, it didn’t include all of the options that Jim was offering us. Most importantly, we had developed a trust with Jim by this point and felt very comfortable with him. I remember he told me: “Like calling a doctor when you are sick; I want to be the person you call when you have any questions about your home- now and in the future.

- Jonathan & Rachel H.

We were very impressed with their attention to detail and building expertise. The subcontractors chosen were all first rate, and the team of Jeff & Jeff kept an eye on quality workmanship and timely work completion. We did this house from our home in Florida and appreciated the weekly website and photo updates. Any question or change was immediately answered by email or phone. We had several unique requests, like an outdoor enclosed shower, custom wet bar cabinetry, paddleboard racks in garage, and they cheerfully came up with solutions

- Nan & Bob F.

I think that people should know that the relationship you have with your clients does not end upon completion of the building of a home, but continues to future plans for remodeling or unforeseen events like mine, where your knowledge of the house, your integrity of workmanship, your respect for the clients needs, and the trust built up during the home building process make you the natural option to go to rather than to look elsewhere.

- Robert

Schneider Custom Builders built our house on the Eastern Shore and the design tested the skill of Jim, his staff and contractors. Our round house was actually manufactured by Deltec, but Schneider’s team put the 3-story puzzle together with precision and class. Our house was unique and challenging to organize and build. Jim and his team were always there for us when we had questions or changes. His project designer was incredible. She kept us abreast of new options and ideas and our house wouldn’t be the same without her input. We lived right next door during the construction of our house so we didn’t miss anything. We took pictures and cleaned and questioned the whole process and Jim and his team took it all in stride and went to task regardless. We are very pleased with our house and the experience of having it built. We recommend Jim every chance we get and look forward to showing off his work, our home.

- Mr. W.

Schneider Custom Builders worked with us through an extensive pre-construction phase, during which they provided important advice and counsel on preparing our waterfront lot for construction. They understood the issues involved and knew which resources to use.

During the construction phase, their advice was invaluable to help us build a house that would withstand the elements on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. They worked with a dedicated team of subcontractors who were experts in their field and cared about the work they were doing on our home. Most importantly, after our home was built and we moved in, they were very responsive to all issues, ranging from structural settling (we built on sand) to reacquainting us with the intricacies of the equipment we had selected.

- Ervin and Elaine J.

We absolutely love the remodel done on the front of our home! Jim and the Schneider Custom Builders staff were very involved from day one and was always accessible. They took a vested interest in the design I was hoping to create and it came out stunning! I would definitely hire Schneider Custom Builders again and without a doubt and recommend them to my friends and family members

- Dr. Megan M.

When we started our project, we were very overwhelmed with the thought of starting a project of this magnitude, two hours away from the Beach. The only thing I knew about Schneider Custom Builders was that they built a lot of beautiful homes on the Eastern Shore. A complete renovation is a lot more complicated than a new home, there can be many more questions about how to handle the transition of new construction into the existing home.

Vacation home remodeling in Virginia BeachLooking back over the process, what I enjoyed the most about working with Schneider was the quality of the subs and Schneider staff. Having a project designer was invaluable for this project. The list of “to do’s” kept me on task and the project rolling smoothly. They have the undeniable talent to read my mind when it was important to make decisions quickly. If there was ever a problem that needed their methodical “eye for detail”, he could resolve almost any problem.

I think the best part about Schneider was the organized manner in which they worked and communicated. When we chose Schneider as our Contractor, his organization skills accounted for about 70% of our decision. We knew the quality was there but we were also able to see Jim’s organization during his presentation of his proposal.

- Lloyd L.

Schneider Custom Builders built our house on the Eastern Shore. My wife, Lilly and I have been pleased with their work. Over the past few years I have recommended Schneider Custom Builders to others.

In addition to being a genuinely nice person to work with (despite being a Yankees fan), Jim, the owner, has delivered on everything he promised. He came in to the penny on the budget and came in on time with the completion date for the project. Lilly and I have agreed there is not one thing we would change about it. The quality of your workmanship is excellent.

- Bruce B.

Jim is the best! His houses have all turned out beautifully! I highly recommend using him for your custom-built home. He will create your treasure!

- Robyn M.

As a landscape designer, I typically arrive on a construction project at the final hour. Regardless of the scale of the project, Jim and his crew are still well organized, on schedule and on top of their game.

I have worked with Jim on countless projects. His team has always operated with courtesy, professionalism and great craftsmanship. They are a pleasure doing business with.

- Jeff K.

As a national building consultant I’ve worked with hundreds of contractors over the years. Jim is one of the best. His attention to detail is unsurpassed any also uses all the new cool technology. He is willing to do what many contractors are not. He goes the extra mile all the time. When he’s done his clients are his friends not only customers. If you’re an architect or a client you can’t do better than choosing Jim.

- Paul S.