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Best Custom Home Builders in Chesapeake, VA

Home Builder Digest announces the April 2019 list of best custom home builders in Chesapeake, VA.  Schneider Custom Builders appears in the number two position among 20 top area builders.  We are happy for the recognition, not only for our construction quality, but also for our superior customer experience.

What makes Schneider Custom Builders among the best?

When you undertake to build your dream home, you begin a remarkable voyage of self-discovery as you think about how you want to live.  Undertaking this voyage with a team of talented designers and builders all in one company makes the process enjoyable and efficient. The result is a dream home that you will be happy in for years to come.

Step by Step Guide to Custom Building

The Schneider Design/Budget/Build process is at the heart of the Home Builder Digest recognition.  These six steps are your assurance of an enjoyable and successful build that realizes your dream.

  1. Step One – Design Scheme. Here you uncover all the possibilities and capture every detail essential to your project’s success.
  2. Step Two – Sketching your Design. Transfer your ideas to paper
  3. Step Three – Create your plans. Specify your systems and  make early selections to derive a budget and Scope of Work
  4. Step Four – Finalize selections and budget
  5. Step Five – Construction. Clear and complete communications guide you through the process
  6. Step Six – Move in and make it your home

How was your journey?

Are you building a new home now? Have you recently built a new home? What did you discover about yourself as you thought about your new home and how you want to live? What changes in values or attitudes did your new home bring about?

About Schneider Custom Builders

Schneider Custom Builders specializes in the coastal lifestyle of the Chesapeake area.  Whether it’s modern or traditional or an oceanfront, urban or rural setting, homeowners come to Schneider Custom Builders for a distinctive lifestyle and quality for the ages.

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