About Schneider Construction, LLC

Schneider Construction, LLC designs, builds and remodels high value homes in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Chesapeake and the Eastern Shore region of Virginia. We are known for our superior quality and workmanship, our creative design solutions for modern or traditional styles in urban, rural or oceanfront settings, for our professional and contemporary construction methods and, importantly, for our communicative customer service process. Schneider welcomes the unique nature of every custom project and each individual homeowner. We go to every end to build it your way… just the way you want it.

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Meet Jim Schneider

Jim is owner of Schneider Construction, LLC.  Jim is a master builder.  He builds and remodels high value custom homes in Virginia’s Eastern Shore that stand as exemplars of quality, design and coastal living.

From a young age

Jim, literally, grew up building houses working for his father and uncle in New Jersey.  Quality is deeply rooted in everything Jim does and represents the type of knowledge one can gain only through passion and experience.  Jim bases his approach on the work ethic, attention to detail and artisanship he learned working alongside his family from the time he was old enough to swing a hammer.

Trust and confidence

Over the years, Jim has created a process for home building that inspires confidence and trust from his clients and which results in truly one-of-a-kind custom homes that are ideally suited to the owner’s needs.

Quality for the generations

Jim and the entire Schneider Construction, LLC team never sacrifice quality to get the job done.  Instead, they apply careful, consistent planning and clear communication to every project.  As a result, Schneider Construction, LLC completes projects on time, on budget and with quality that will last for generations.

Jim Schneider (shirtless in photo) on the job site with his father (red shirt) and uncle (blue shirt) in Livingston, NJ in 1980. “This was a house we were framing. I’d already been working with him for about 8 years at this time. Being the boss’s kid isn’t the easiest position to be in but it always motivated me”,  says Jim.

Meet The Team

Joey Cavallo

Construction Manager

Joey Cavallo started with Schneider Construction, LLC as a framer. As a result of his strong people skills and attention to detail, Joey has since moved into a Construction Manager role. As a former tradesman, Joey is able to connect with our extended family of vendors while also possessing the polish to work with our homeowners to achieve exemplary results. He has lived in Virginia Beach for 25 years, has been married to Heidi for 14 years, has an 11 year old daughter named Ashlyn, and a dog named Ellie.

Joey and his family spend a lot of time at the dance studio and dance competitions with Ashlyn, an accomplished dancer.

Quality Starts Here

It takes more than a group of vendors to build or remodel a Schneider Construction, LLC home. It takes a team of skilled trades and resourceful suppliers. Over the years, we’ve invested in and created solid partnerships to build the top team in both areas. A team that shares our core values and expectations. They are without a doubt, the best at what they do. We’re proud to be among their number. The pride we have in what we do will shine brightly in the project we do for you.

Builder 20 Club

The Craftsmen

NAHB’s 20 Club Program groups 20 “like” builders or remodelers in non-competing areas.  We meet several times a year to share wisdom and learn ways from each other to improve our operations. Members share and compare financial information, look for trouble spots, and offer each other advice on how to improve their performance.  Participation in this Builder 20 Club has provided Schneider Construction, LLC a collaborative environment and a valuable support network, which has made us a better builder and a better business. See a list of fellow Builder 20 Club members and websites below.  Jim Schneider is a past Chairman of The Craftsmen Club for the National Association of Homebuilder’s 20 Club Program